Propagation Questions!

fredg78756(8)May 26, 2010

NOW I get it. REXES can be grown by leaf cuttings, RHIZOMATOUS begonias are grown by slicing the rhizome, right? I have been wasting time by trying leaf cuttings with rhizomatous... or have I?

Some Beefsteak leaf cuttings how have roots all over the top of the rooting mix. Will anything happen as a result? If I plant them into regular soil--leaf and roots--will a plant result?

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Rexes are rhizomatous but not all rhizomatous are rexes and yes all rhizomatous can be propagated by leaf.

Even in gravel some are easy (nelumbiifolia)

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Thanks! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's considered using take-out containers for rooting.

Any idea what will happen with my "rooting" Beefsteaks? Will they eventually send up plants? If not, I'll toss them out. The containers I used for them are some sort of screw-top storage container (like for bulk spices) and they're easy to handle, cheap ($1.50 each), and have flat sides so it's easier to put them on their sides and unscrew the lid to reach in.

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They should send up new babies if they don't rot or dry up. I had one beefsteak that took six months to pup - that was due to rooting in late fall and sitting in a dim basement all winter (not under lights).

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what is the potting mix ur using with the gravel

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