cardinal flowers

pepperdaveSeptember 27, 2013

Im on the pepper forum but also love perennials I collected seed from wild cardinal flowers 12 years ago and set up a humming bird magnet This year I got a WHITE Ill save seed and maybe in 2 generations I can get more if I plant them in isolation Does any one have any experience with white lobila

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It occurs naturely..and you can also get shades of pink, which must mean that the genes are not simple dominance/recessive.

Good luck and have fun.

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Never seen the white before! While in Nebraska visiting home from Florida, my dad gave me some cardinal flower seeds that he and my uncle retrieved from a plant along the banks of the Platte River. The Pawnee indians were believed to have planted the cardinal flowers at there camp sites along the river as a love charm. Ill be planting mine this week hoping to attract some hummingbirds that fly by this winter and bring some native heirloom to the everglades!

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