Container Bog Frogs

kathyMill(PA 6)September 14, 2005

I built a small container bog in a ceramic pot for my front steps. I did not use soil, but placed rocks in the bottom, so that I could keep each plant in its own pot and remove for over wintering.

Much to my surprise and delight 2 rather large frogs moved right in. Between the frogs and the picher plants, I have very few insects around my front steps.

Now I am worried about winter time. I will remove the plants and mulch them, but can anyone suggest what I ought to do about the frogs. Should I try to capture them and remove them to a wetland area? Have they already established a territory here? Can I really get a hold of them?

Thanks for you suggestions.

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Your frogs know what to do. As temperatures get lower they'll find a place (close by or perhaps not)to hibernate. If you remove the plants and dump the water, they'll find their way also.

Chances are they will find their way back next season if they liked the home they had

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