Gold finger banana

zone10aridgardenerOctober 16, 2011

I just purchased a gold finger banana plant from lowes and I would be great if anyone could give me tips! A while back I tried growing a rajapuri banana but it died in the summer for some unknown reason, most likely nutrient deficiency.

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Also a little while ago I was downtown and many people have banana trees there. I saw a large 20 ft tall one.

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Not sure why they sell banana's in the fall around here but what i do is buy it now and keep the banana in its container and leave it under the patio until it warms up in Feb or March and then plant. Give it lots of water in the summer and Fertilize every 10-14 days with a 16-16-16

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Most of the banana plants around these parts do best with a lot of food. Fertilizing is key to a healthy plant. Neil's nutrient #s and amounts are perfect.

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