Bermuda grass and composting

LightBringer(Phoenix, AZ)October 16, 2005

Hello all,

Today, I used the Ortho weed killer for Bermuda grass. Hopefully the grass will be dead in the next few days. Once I remove the grass, can I put it in my compost pile or will is the weed killer toxic to the compost pile?



JoAnna Kelleher

Phoenix, AZ

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Hi there-
I compost too. I have Bermuda grass also. I wouldn't think of putting even organically grown BG in my compost pile. Its so hard to get rid of I'd have a real suspicion that once it decomposed (which I believe it can't since its so virulent) it would thrive in a damp pile and transfer to any bed you added it to. No, would be my answer.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Yeah, I would have some concerns as to whether or not the weed killer would carry forward into the compost or not, too. It just isn't worth ruining your good compost over, for the reason I give or Aguane's.


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AzDesertRat(AZ 8b Sunset 12)

Hot composting will usually break down any herbicide present in the grass. However, I wouldn't put BG into a compost pile no matter how dead it looked.

Keep it out and you will thank yourself later


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magnetogram(z9 Tucson, AZ)

i don't know anything about the toxicity issue, but i compost bermuda grass clippings. of course, that's different than composting it roots and all. i would think that if it's dead, you don't have anything to worry about.


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azreno(z9 AZ)

I would agree if they're just clippings you shouldn't have a problem, if you're putting in sections that you've dug up that have roots attached- toss it in the trash.

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

I'm a believer that roaches and Bermuda grass may be the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust, so I'd never compost even the tiniest root OR seed head. Clippings that are free of seeds seem to be OK in my compost. BTW, the other deadly sin regarding Bermuda is letting someone weed-eat Bermuda next to a flower bed. If even *one* seed gets thrown in, count on a BG infestation.

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

If you want grass clippings for your composter, check
your area for a landscaper. I have a neighbor a block
down from me that has landscaping business and they
cut for a lot of the businesses and nicer areas. Its
always chopped up real fine and I've never seen any
weeds in it. They give me all the grass I want. They
don't have to haul it to the dump that way.

Happy Gardening,

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