bog surprises

charlie1949September 30, 2008

I started a small bog garden last year in the spring. Put a few pitcher plants and fly traps in it. They did over winter outside in the bog. A couple of months ago I had a surprise, a sundew plant was growing in the bog. Since then 2 additional sundews have appeared. Also reed type plants. I guess just goes to show that if you provide certain type environments, mother nature will do the rest

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Sounds nice. Any pics?

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I would upload pics but don't know how. I will as soon as I figure it out. If there is an easy way, please let me know.


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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Folks use photobucket, I myself use imageshack.

Pretty simple really, just create the pic, go to the imageshack site and upload it. The resulting page will have a direct url or snippet of html code you can copy and paste into a gardenweb message that displays your image. There may be a faq somewhere on gardenweb that better explains this if you still need help.

Good luck with your bog! If things are reseeding your are definitely doing something right. I love CP bogs and I have gotten many years of enjoyment out of mine.

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Thanks for info on uploading pics. Still can't get it to link to the pictures but I did upload the bog and a picture of one of the sundews at

THanks again

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