Pigmy Palm browning

ShapOctober 9, 2013


I just recently had two pigmy palms planted (2 months ago) and one is starting to brown a lot.

Right now they are being watered by drip system every 3 days (two days off) for 45 minutes. I've checked that it is getting a solid flow of water so my next concern was its getting too much water. The way the leaves are browning though appears to be too little or something else.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Too much fertilizer? They added some when they planted them.

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How much water is being applied in 45 minutes? If you only have a one gallon emitter, that's less that a gallon and far to little for your palms.

I'm going to assume these were planted from a 24 inch container. You would need at least 4 gallons just to moisten the container soil, plus you want some of the surrounding soil to get wet. Applying a minimum of 8 - 10 gallons should do this.

Try adjusting your irrigation timing and/or adding emitters to apply enough water.

FYI, these palms are sensitive to cold temperatures too. If frost is predicted in the coming months, be sure to cover with a fabric sheet or blanket - not plastic. The cover should extend all the way to the ground with no gaps. That way it traps warmer air inside.

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Thank you for the response!

There are two drippers running to each palm, one is a one gallon dripper and the other is a 1-10 gallon dripper I believe (see photo). I've opened it up full so its emmiting all it can. Do you think I should add another line?

I do wish got Mediterranean fan palms instead. Heard they last much better in AZ.

Can I wrap Christmas lights around them for the winter months to battle the frost?

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Pigmy palms are much better than Mediterranean fan palms. Don't worry, your palms will bounce back. Don't know what happened to yours. It definitely hasn't been cold enough to do that to your palms, but mine looked way worse than that after last winter. Today, they look great. i put mulch around it and they look beautiful. I have not fertilized them. Did you over fertilize or over water?

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