My lotus are looking bad...

Anakaleki(z9FriendswoodTX)September 24, 2004

Do lotus normally start to decline in late summer? I figured it was the heat; do they get better with the arrival of cooler weather? The leaves turn brown and die and I haven't had any new growth in a long time so now the small shallow pond I have them growing in is looking bare. Do I need to fertilize? Thanks.


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Peter60(Yorkshire UK)

AJB, as far as I'm aware lotus (Nelumbo) need at least semi-tropical conditions for good growth. I would think that in a cooler climate there will be a premium to pay in less satisfactory growth. Being in the UK I don't of course have experience of your climate but my guess is that a Zone9 would not provide good conditions during the cool season.

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Being in zone 9 just means it can get down to freezing. But in my area this only happens about 2 times each winter and we have about 6 months of very warm weather.

I know that other people grow lotus successfully in my climate, I just can't figure out what's wrong. I fertilized the plant, but there was no response. Now all the leaves have gone brown. Local temps have been in the 80's (F) during the day and upper 60's at night, but this cooler weather dosen't seem to help it. I guess I'll just dig it up and replant next year.

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AJB, what happened with this lotus? Mine grows in a pot in an above ground tank and has done the same thing as you describe. Did yours ever come back for you?

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