Bog plant? identification

tempskya(Z7B BAMA)September 22, 2004

This flower belongs to a stow-a-way plant. I received a shovel-full of umbrella plant from someone, and this plant came along for the ride. Anybody have an idea of what it might be?

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looks like Iris

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dampflippers(Tyne & Wear UK)

Trilliums have 3 petals. Does it have 3 leaves behind the petals too?
Tradescantias have 3 petals I think too.
Go back to the message list, and search in the Hortiplex search box.
I'm not sure whether either of these is correct.
Can anyone else help?

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tempskya(Z7B BAMA)

It does look like an Iris, but I should have mentioned a little more about the plant. The plant is about two feet tall, and the leaves (you can see them -- they're the ones that don't look like the umbrella plant) are strap-like and situated up the stalk, kind of like a corn plant.

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Are the leaves aromatic when you rub them? it looks like something in the Ginger family. Actually I think it is Ginger lilly. see the photo in the link and It looks a heck of a lot like what you've got!

Here is a link that might be useful: White butterfly ginger lily

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tempskya(Z7B BAMA)

Thanks fredsbog,

I believe that's what it is. When I get home at night, I'll do some leaf-rubbin' and see if I get anything aromatic.

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Sure does look like Butterfly Ginger to me. I ordered several Hedychium coronariums from the site listed below and when they bloomed, they looked almost exactly like your photograph. Good for you, that's a great looking plant you have there.

And... Hi Fred. I got your photographs!

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tempskya(Z7B BAMA)

Here's a pic of where I've got it planted. You can't see the Butterfly Ginger in this view because it's growing sort of in amongst the umbrella plant at the back (that and it's not a very good picture).

It's not really a bog setting, but since I add water to the little pond frequently, the plants around also get frequent watering. The pennywort and horsetail are sort of taking over, but to me it's not a bad frame for the pond.

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