Please help a newbie with 'non-stop' begonia?

gardenbug(8b)May 16, 2014

I purchased 6 non-stop begonias (pink and white) they are very pretty but the leaves look kind of dry, ragged and torn. I have given them some flower booster and am keeping them moist. They don't look like they are growing much. These are planted in a garden bed on the north side of my house. They get shade and a bit of sun. Will these non-stop begonias come back again next year? When I planted them, they never had bulbs ~ just roots.
Thanks for helping me.

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I think they willl need stronger light to keep blooming, if they are planted in the ground your climate will determine if they will live over for another year. Generally the tubers start forming in late August or early fall, when the days get shorter.

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they stop blooming when temps get to 80F-85F during the day.
perhaps your soil temps are still too low? i found that when they are small it takes them some time to start growing well. they need 65f-70F soil temps to grow well.
i think it's easier to grow them in pots to good size before you plant them out.
but then in summer they prefer cooler temps, especially at night. 60-65f nite and 70-75F day is best.
mine just started dropping all flowers when it got hot . when it got cooler in the fall - then they bloomed again and kept going until it was low 40s at nite. they also set tubers quite nicely: about 1"-1.5". So i kept tubers in pots in soil indoors over winter and then started them up again.
they should get much larger when they have tubers.
most starter plants that are sold in spring are grown from cuttings and do not have tubers at all. they need sev months of cooler temps (below 62F) to initiate tubers.
most people do not bother to overwinter them (in pots in cool temps, but above 40F).
but i thought why not try as an experiment? it was quite easy too. very similar to caladiums.
however, they can rot very easily if kept cold and damp outdoors in the soil. what are your winter conditions like?
and by the way, mine bloomed rather well in the fall without any direct sun on NE balcony - very bright light, but not a ray of sun.

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