advice for bog garden abutting pond

jclimber(S Austin 8)October 12, 2010

Hi all. I'd like to put in a bog garden next to my pond. The pond is about 20'x10' (5000 gallons) and the bog would be about 7' long x3.5' wide. I've been reading about plant rafts in the Pond Basic 4 book and I'd like to put one in the bog. Though I haven't been able to find one online.

I'm not sure how to make the transition from the bog to the pond and make it look really nice (no liner showing). A pipe thru a bulkhead? Maybe a smaller section in the middle border (2'?) that is a few inches shorter than the rest so the water flows thru there, over flat rocks on top of the liner section into the pond.

I'm guessing I'll make the depth about 8" or so, maybe 4" into the ground and then 4" above ground (pond water level is a few inches below grade).

If you have a bog/pond combo photo I'd love to see it!


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why not let the water trickle over along the entire border between the bog and pond. much more realistic and it will provide current throughout the entire bog area while at the same time keeping the force of the current in any one place low.

like you mention, flat rock directly on top of the liner to hide it. then normal rocks of different shapes and sizes on top of those. No sealer between the flat rocks and normal rocks. the idea being to let the water flow.

I would advise you to put some small fish into your bog area to help control the mosiquito larva.

Yankee Dog

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jclimber(S Austin 8)

That's pretty much what I'm doing. The inside bog area (excluding the border blocks) ended up 80"x46"x10". It's mostly above grade. Didn't think about the mosquito problem. If I have enough flow through the blocks then there shouldn't be much standing water above the pea gravel which should hopefully prevent mosquitos.

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jclimber(S Austin 8)

Here are photos of the finished bog. I think it came out pretty good. At first there was too much water leaking through the rock border between the bog and the pond. So I sprayed some waterfall foam into the cracks and that slowed down the leakage enough that water filled to the top of the bog and then slowly flows over the top.

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That is a beautiful setup!

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