I just divided my lotus. Mistake?

lilllly(7a/OK)October 6, 2006

This lotus was started from seed and this is it's third year. The recommended time to divide is in the early spring, but I knew this lotus must have been extremely crowded in it's small pot because it had stopped putting up leaves for over a month and seemed to have gone dormant.

I was afraid that it might be dying, so decided to go ahead and find out. I found out that it was just so crowded that the shoots were simply not able to find the way up to the top.

There were lots of good roots and many new shoots trying to grow. I made only three divisions, (but could have gotten even more smaller ones) and started three nice sized tubs of lotus.

Now, here's the question: should I keep these newly planted cuttings in the dark (to encourage a winter dormancy) or do I try to keep them growing? I plan to keep them all in an unheated garden house this winter. It stays above 55*F with lights on.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I live in zone 7.I divided my lotus tubers in late Feb.
I would recommend that you leave it outside,so it stays dormant until spring wakes them up.Don't put it in the greenhouse,because it might disturb its growing cycle.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hey Lil.....how did your lotus do? Can you tell yet?
I divided one of mine about 10 days ago, and got a bunch of tubers from it.......then it started freezing day and night! These poor guys.....they've been in and out and in and out (of the house). I hope they survived! Its supposed to snow tomorrow.......so I guess they'll have to wait a few more days to be planted somewhere.....
I hope your's did fine!

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

Lotus are much tougher than I used to think. I have divided plenty of them after they broke dormacy and not had a problem. I usually get at least 10 new plants, and all start sending up new growth of their own within a week or so. This year, I divided mine a few days before that freak cold snap. I just covered the buckets with landscape fabric and I didn't lose a single one of them. Temps were in the low 20°'s.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi ccoombs,
I was just thinking that myself today. We're taught to be so very careful, but really, I think they are so resilient.
I was afraid my lotus cuttings would have trouble going in and out of the house when it was so cold.......but they all did fine. I should have tested one of them, and left it outside during all the freezing temps, but I was too scared to! Glad to hear all yours survived.

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