red plum trees (fruiting)

mranchhodAugust 1, 2007

Can anyone suggest how we can STOP Red Plum Trees that we had planted many years ago along one side of our property, TO STOP FRUITING? The Trees have grown very tall and large and can no longer be trimmed and produce vast quantities of inedible Red Plums which litter the entire driveway.

Is there any chemical or other process so we can treat them each season so THEY WILL NOT BEAR FRUIT?

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I've never heard of an inedible plum before! If they're a bit on the sour side to eat fresh, make them into plum jam or plum pie (delicious!!).


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I have seen edible red plum trees in an apartment landscaping in the high deserts of norther Nevada. These were quite good eating.

I have attempted to find one for my home and failed.

If, repeat if, you are into spending and experimenting I once heard an academic hypothesis that you could get some of the stuff made to cause all fruit on the trees in orchards to ripen at the same time. Then really overdose your tree back when it has tiny fruit, just after the blossoms drop. I tried it once on an apricot but run out of chemicals but I sort of feel it might have potential. From my experience I feel you need a really good sprayer and a lot of chemical.

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