Do u recognize this climbing begonia?

lovesgardeningJune 4, 2010

Hi all, please help me ID this - thanksin advance,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Did you post the wrong picture? The picture is of a vine (jasmine maybe?) but is not a begonia.

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Hi - it was def sold to me as something which roughly translates into" the tendril begonia and is evidently quite beautiful (eventually)

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Unfortunately there are no begonias with tendrils (that I know of). Some climbing begonias would be B. glabra, B. convolvulacea, and B. radicans plus hybrids from these. They can have aerial roots if the humidity is high enough but then a lot of begonias exhibit this behavior (as well a lot of other plants).

Perhaps the seller was thinking of the rex begonia vine (Cissus discolor) which is not a begonia at all.

B. convolvulacea

Your vine reminds me of some kind of jasmine like Carolina jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens) but I don't think that is it either. Hopefully if and when it blooms you will be able to ID it.

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Reminds me of a passiflora vine, with those tendrils, but I don't have the growing experience to know definitively.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Lali tov. The vine in your photo looks like a Begnonia capriolata, not begonia. It is known by a few common names here, cross vine, tangerine trumpet vine, and jekyll island vine I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting. it is NOT the campsis radicans trumpet vine and not invasive like it. You will have a beautiful bloomer once it gets going!

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Mystery solved!!!! Thanks everyone and especially Chaz - it is definitely Begnonia capriolata, not begonia, tangerine beauty. I looked it up in the catalog with the guy who sold it to me.
Once again, thanks for all the input!
All the best, and happy gardening!

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