Which Pollen for Minerva?

dondelduxSeptember 25, 2010

Hi Everyone,

We just got back from my Father's and he has a gorgeous Minerva (box store) in full bloom. Two of the blossoms I think have gone beyond...and of course I didn't have any pollen with me, but the other two I think will be receptive in a few days. Now, I have pollen from Party Pooper and Animal and Strawberry Blend and Amy Maguire and Surprise is still out. Do any of you have any suggestions as to which 2 I should choose.....Since it's a huge healthy Minerva, it will probably put out large...seedpods filled with seeds! Thanks for your suggestions ahead of time...


This is one of the Minervas with the huge white center, I suppose it could be Mambo........and it's one of the orangey ones.....

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Strawberry blend might be nice since we all fell in love with the color. I'd narrow the PP and PA down to one or the other since they are similar. Which do you like better?? Surprise might just contribute color and form. Make a list of the attributes you like most about each of the possible fathers...then look at the Minerva again and think about what might be outstanding if crossed and what might be hidden. For example, I only use a solid red in a cross if I want to contribute red to the form of the bloom. My Red Lion x Jewel crosses are examples of that. I know the white will get lost in the red, but a red with the form of Jewel would be cool.

Let us know what you do!!

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Thanks,.... I was sort of thinking the same thing about using the red, might end up with a solid red or something like Mega Star,(if I got lucky) but that's already been done....I think I've read (?) somewhere that orange is dominant also, what would that do to the pink in Strawberry Blend...I'll probably use one of the Partys, or maybe I'll mix the pollens of the two Partys, that worked for me before.... hoping for some of the Papilio like lines to dominate....and then again, maybe I should use just the Partys and not the Pink, as it may just get stamped out. Decisions.... decisions...I was hoping for something of my own to bloom, but this is better than nothing. Thanks....


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