woody plants for low, sometimes flooded area

lotsa_rocksOctober 26, 2008

I have a problem spot near my property line where there is standing water after it rains. Depending on the rain total it can take 1-3 days for the water to drain. My neighbor had some fill brought in this spring and has blocked the drainage that used to exist, so what was already a low damp spot has become a small lake after a rain and perennially mucky. I would like to establish a garden of tall woody plants in this area (a few trees if possible), both for privacy and to fill in the wet spot with something more attractive. The area gets nearly full sun and the soil is more sandy/mucky than clay type. Oh, and there's ledge very close to the surface, depending on where you dig it might be less than 2 feet. I'm in midcoast Maine zone 4. I have been looking at the Atlantic White Cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) and various native shrubs (dogwoods, buttonbush, winterberry) and small trees (birch, red maple). Does anyone have any advice on the Atlantic White Cedar - would it survive being flooded (a lot, if it's rainy)? A small grouping of evergreens here would provide some much needed privacy. Any other plant suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Consider Taxodium - swamp cypress.

/Hans Olav

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Thats a really nice looking tree, but it might be out of its hardiness zone here. I did read that the cold is not the problem but rather ice. We do tend to get ice storms here as I'm not that far from the coast. Still, given a sheltered spot this would be one to consider. Thanks!

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