overwintering papyrus in zone 5

cheerpeopleOctober 8, 2006

I have been told that someone else tried it inside and it died.

How do I successfully overwinter dwarf papyrus for the next 7 1/2 months with no green house. Will a S. window and boggy pot be ok?

thx Karen

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Should do fine, Karen. Did you know you can clip one "head" off with just an inch or two of stem, float in water, and roots and new shoots will appear? I've done this with dwarf Cyperus brought inside which wasn't thriving (probably because it was root-bound)...just started new plants in water which is partly the way the plant naturally propagates itself as the older stems bend down. You can then grow in water until spring or pot up as usual in damp soil. Good luck.josh

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piscies75(z5 TO Can)

hi I am in zone five and every year for the past five I brought my papryus in and placed it in window and had great success. I usually just take a few roots and stems .

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orquidman2004(z8 Coastal Ga.)

Hola- When I lived in zone5, I place my papyrus in a large salad bowl with a little gravel at the botton and the rest with water! I had it for a few years then I moved to zone 8; it was planted in the yard and now I can not get rid of it!
Luis A. Valera

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