bog in shade

zebra1157(4a-4b)October 28, 2004

I would like to make a bog area in the shaded area near my pond.

I'm womdering what kind of plants could be planted in the shade.

I'm hoping to find tall plants to hide neighbors garage .


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oh and I forgot
what to do about mosquitos
should the water move with a small pump or would that be bad for plants

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Our bog is about 3'x 8'x 12' and filled with peat, sand, and organic matter (soil, leaves, pine needles). It has a pond liner and a watering system from the bottom. The only drainage is from the top. It is located in an area that gets only partial direct sunlight and that for only about 2 hours a day in the summer. Sedges, cardinal flowers, marsh marigolds, and forget-me-nots have done very well. Our native catails were doing well until a rabbit chewed them all off in one night. The yellow tail iris grew very large, but did not bloom this year. I planted a small Redosier dogwood this summer, and it is fantastic! Next summer will be our third summer. I hope the plants do as well!

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Thank You Josie
I hope to make my bog next spring
I'm just affraid of mosquitos.
Do you have a probleme with them?

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Hi Deb!
So far we haven't had mosquito problems. We're not sure why, though. We're usually plagued with them in Wisconsin! This past summer was first cold and very wet, then dry; or maybe it's the acidity of the bog. We did have a rain barrel which had mosquitos perpetually! The pond didn't have them that I noticed, but that could have been attributed to the fish and the running water. It's a mystery!?

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Hi Josie
ok I didn't realize that you could put fish in shallow water .
Sorry for so many questions
But how deep is your bog and what kind of fish do you have in your bog
I'm real nosey aren't I (lol)
thanks for your help
s Sincerly Deb

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Sorry I just reread your first response and saw that you had already mentioned that it was 3'
Thanks again Deb

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Fish shouldn't be in shallow water. Do you ever see goldfish in bogs? Also, such oxygen-poor water would kill the fish pretty quick. Mosquito fish might survive, but you could try adding something called mosquito dunks. Totally natural, harmless to plants. It's a bacteria. From what I've read though, bogs don't breed mosquitoes, for some reason.

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refinner(z4 Ontario)

Wild Water Cress does quite well in my bog. During the middle of summer my bog sometimes gets a little dry between rain, but the cress just keeps growing.

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