Best company to order Amaryllis Bulbs?

edubose98(8)September 3, 2012

What is the best company to order Amaryllis bulbs from? Best price and quality preferred!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Everyone has their favorite company. For best price I would say Eden's Blooms and Van Engelen. are always going to pay more for quality and consistancy and for that I go to Royal Colors (yes, they ship to the USA). I will say that I got some very nice large bulbs from White Flower Farms, but they are a little pricier. It depends also on what company is carrying the varieties that are on your "wish list".

Email me off list and I will tell you who I think you should avoid. I will not blast any seller on the list, but have personal reasons why I won't buy from certain vendors again. One of the above is on my "give 'em one more chance" list.

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Without a doubt: Royal Colors. They are not cheap, but you pay for quality and that's exactly what you get. I have never EVER got a wrong amaryllis from them. Bulbs are healthy, good sized and perform well.
I can sometimes buy an amaryllis bulb for half the price they have at RC, BUT it'll always be a question of waiting wether you get indeed what you ordered and wether it will perform good.
Good second would be Het Vlaams Zaadhuis (Le Jardinier du Nord) It has both names because they deliver in Netherlands and in Belgium (and probably in other countries too). For the price you pay, you get above average sized bulbs. I've got one or two wrong amaryllis from them, though.
This year i'm trying Verberghe Bloembollen as well. Their bulbs are very very reasonable priced... i'm very curious to see how they perform.

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Verberghe (or Eurobulb if you prefer) is very high on my list of top dealers, together with Finnish Exotic Garden. So far zero, not one, mislabeled bulb and the bulbs are big and heavy and healthy.

Royal Colors is very okay, but I've gotten some mislabels and some damaged bulbs, for which I got compensation so absolutely no hard feelings there. Customer Service is outstanding.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Keep in mind that some European sellers won't ship to USA because of tight phytocertificate requirements. So...what is available to European listers may be different than that is available to US listers.

I know I wanted to bring home some huge bulbs from the floating flower market in Amsterdam, but couldn't because none were packaged appropriately and would be confiscated.

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