Ada's Flower Rooting in Water

dondelduxSeptember 29, 2011

Hi Everyone,

My Maguire's Ada's Flower was a very small bulb and I had to cut the 6" stalk off since it kept tipping over. It's been blooming in water since the beginning. Before I cut it I removed the pollen for possible future use and it wasn't until much later that I even noticed that I had inadvertantly pollinated all four flowers which resulted in 4 forming seedpods. So, I removed one pod,which was all I could bring myself to remove since they all looked viable. One seedpod looks really good and I know you experts out there have done this successfully I'm hoping for a few seeds!! Now I can't accurately remember if I removed the pollen before or after I cut it, does anyone know if you can actually pollinate a flower after it has been cut? If so, then what an excellent way to use pollen from a virused bulb so as not to contaminate a healthy bulb!

I tried the same think with Tammy Tucker but the seedpods whithered at about the size of a pea..

Take a look..

and Ada's flower blooming in water again..

Thanks for looking,


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I incorrectly titled the above roots, just seedpods...Donna

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I've had luck maturing seed pods just lying on the window sill! Just make sure you keep the water clean and I'm sure you'll be rewarded with seed!


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Just make sure you put it in LIGHT, the brighter the better. There isn't very much for the pods to photosynthesize from so they need all they can get.

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