Can late Spring snowfall kill trees and shrubs?

lovebunnyAugust 25, 2009


I am wondering if late Spring snowfall can kill/damage trees and srubs?

This Spring, we had a late snow storm (May 31st) where temperatures dipped below the freezing point. Some of my trees and shrubs have not budded or leafed this Spring so I am worried that they might have died. One of the trees, a 5 year old Russian Olive, had a few branches with leaves prior to the snowfall but nothing since then. The leaves that came out have died. My young maple, as well as another berry tree have small closed buds that have never opened. Two of my shrubs (Bridal veil Spireas) have bare branches and didn't flower this year (with the exception of a few small patches).

My husband thinks that my trees are dead but I have refused to let him remove them, hoping that they will flower/bud next Spring. Do you think they have been damaged or could they be dormant due to the late snowfall?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Late freezes, especially after relatively long warm periods, can definitely kill trees. That happened here (in Tennessee and surrounding states) a few years back and many trees and shrubs were killed.

If your trees haven't leafed out yet, I seriously doubt there is any chance for them. Time to get out the saw.

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