Nonstop Begonia Toubles

AWeiss(7)June 18, 2014

Hello All!
I am new to nonstop begonias and would greatly appreciate some advice. I have 12 nonstop fire begonias, here are the facts:
brownish spots on the leaves
brown and ragged leaf edges
edges of the blooms look papery and lack color
base of a FEW stems look too wet and almost slimey :(
morning direct sun for a few hours
hot and humid conditions (northern AL)
slow release fertilizer in soil (Miracle Gro type soil)
I let the soil dry out on the top inch or so before watering.

I am now starting to water the base only, trying not to get water on the leaves or flowers. But honestly I am not sure that it is a watering technique problem since the rims of the flower petals are becoming papery and colorless on just about every bloom.

My poor begonias will appreciate your feedback!

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This is a pic of the bloom.

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non-stops do not like it when it gets close to 80F and humid. they stop blooming, drop blooms, start having all kinds of problems.
those spots look like smth fungal.
wet and slime stems - means they are rotting.
the best i can suggest - take them indoors, where it's cooler (that is IF it's cooler :). keep them on the dry side for a little while. perhaps spraying with anti-fungal can help too.

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Thanks for the info petrushka! Can you recommend a good anti-fungal? I had gone to the local plant nursery and taken a leaf and they made a suggestion of a particular product that they sold. When I got home and read all the instructions it specifically stated do not use on begonias...uhg :(

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