Fish and Bog Gardens

ashdasNovember 10, 2006

Hi, i've used a bath to make a bog garden or fen and a pond, half and half, which are seperated by a brick wall.

I've planted a large Sarracenia and a few sundews in the bog and have just put a water lily in the pond. But im thinking of taking it out because of the soil used to plant the lily.

Will the soil for the lily pose much of a threat for the CPs?

I also wanted to put a goldfish in the pond but dont know about the effects of its waste on the CPs, or even if it would survive with the effects of the peat on the water. I was just going to try with a little one.

I think the main no-no in what i've done is the lily but im still not sure. As for the Goldfish, i`m expecting a little bit of waste to be okay.

Thanks for your time

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You might as well just convert the whole thing to a bog if you are using peat because most fish won't survive the acid environment. Definitely not goldfish.

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