New plant - looks like an elaphant ear illustris

ssuarkc(3a)December 23, 2012


I picked up a new elephant ear - lovely plant with bergundy on the backside of the legs, dark green on the front with thick light-green veining.

The problem I'm having with this plant is the stems seem to be very weak and inevitably bend over, causing a crease which then the leaf dies. I've lost 4 leaves to this problem. I can't see any signs of mold, mildew, or bugs. I have tried to support the last 3 remaining leaves in an effort to save the plant, but this morning 2 more leaves bent over beyond the length of my stake, so I'm about to lose those and then the plant will be down to its last leaf!!

I read the soil is a bog-loving deep shade plant so the soil is kept moist and it is near a north window.

As you can see, my poor plant is not a happy camper (you can click on the thumbnail for the ginormous version):

What am I doing wrong?? Help!??

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Do a search for culture information on Alocasia amazonica, which is the botanical name of your plant.

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Yes, so I had already done that before posting and it appears that it needs the soil to be kept moist, kept warm and good light, but not direct sunlight. All things I'm doing.

Obviously, something is wrong with the plant as it is dying.

Does anyone have any helpful ideas as to what could be wrong with it?

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