WANTED: Many Species........Have lots to trade.......

i_am_ryanFebruary 19, 2007

Looking for seed or plants of the following species:

Alcantarea imperialis, Alcantarea glaziouana, Alcantarea vinicolor, Alcantarea regina, Ayensua uaipanensis, Brocchinia micrantha, Brocchinia acuminata, Cryptanthus microglaziovii, Deuterocohnia lotteae, Deuterocohnia brevispicata, Deuterocohnia longipetala ÂSmall Gray CloneÂ, Dyckia choristaminea, Dyckia beateae, Dyckia dawsonii, Dyckia reitzii, Dyckia fosteriana, Encholirium horridum, Encholirium reflexum, Hechtia argentea, Hechtia epigyna, Hechtia marnier-lapostollei, Hechtia tillandsioides, Navia tentacula, Navia fontoides, Orthophytum albopictum, Orthophytum burle-marxii, Orthophytum gurkenii, Orthophytum heleniceae, Orthophytum humile, Orthophytum rubrum, Orthophytum vagans, Puya raimondii, Puya alpestris, Puya berteroniana, Puya chiliensis, Puya laxa, Puya venusta, Racinaea aerisincola, Racinaea contorta, Racinaea crispa

Have many hundreds of species of cacti and succulents to trade.

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Hi, I have some Orthophytum to trade. At the moment I have O. rubrum pups (separated from mother plant but not yet rooted) and almost-full-grown Orthophytum 'Warren Loose' (this is *not* a hybrid, just a form of O. gurkenii that has trichomes evenly distrubuted over the leaf surface instead of in bands). It's a bit harder to find than gurkenii, also a bit slower to propagate since it does not produce pups on top of the inflorescence, only at the base...
I have other Orthophytum not on your list, hybrids and true species--let me know if you're looking for any other species

I also have some access to Texas endemic cacti, if you're looking for anything like that.

Please let me know if you're interested.

What I'm looking for: succulent/pachyform Geraniaceae. Pachyform Pelargoniums, Monsonias and *especially* Sarcocaulons.

Take care,


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