WANTED: A very long list of hardy and marginal bromeliads

southlatropicalMarch 18, 2008

Please take a look at my trade list for plants that I have.

Aechmea bromeliifolia and cv ÂRubraÂ

Aechmea ÂBurgundyÂ

Aechmea caudata and vars eipperi and variegata

Aechmea comata

Aechmea ÂCovataÂ

Aechmea cylindrata

Aechmea distichantha and A.d.forma albiflora

Aechmea distichantha caudata x melanocera

Aechmea distichantha var schumbergeri

Aechmea distichantha x planerophlebia

Aechmea kertesziae

Aechmea lamarchei

Aechmea ornata

Aechmea recurvata and vars benrathii and ortgiesii

Billbergia distachia and var maculata

Billbergia meyeri

Billbergia pyramidalis and var striata

Billbergia ÂSanta BarbaraÂ

Brocchia reducta

Bromelia balansae

Bromelia serra and B.s.variegata*

Deuterocohnia meziana

Deuterocohnia schreiteri

Dyckia encholiriodes

Dyckia ferox

Dyckia fosteriana

Dyckia fosteriana x brevifolia

Dyckia ÂLad CutakÂ

Dyckia leptostachya*

Dyckia maritima

Dyckia ÂNaked LadyÂ

Dyckia rariflora

Dyckia ursina

Fascicularia bicolor*

Facicularia pitcairnifolia*

Hechtia marnier-lapostcllei

Hechtia mexicana

Hechtia texensis

Neoregelia concentrica

Nidularium fulgens*

Nidularium procerum*

Nidularium regelioides

Ochagavia carnea

Quesnelia testudo

Vriesia atra

Vriesia barilletii

Vriesia bituminosa x saundersii

Vriesia ÂBlack BeautyÂ

Vriesia carinata

Vriesia cocovadensis

Vriesia ensiformis and var bicolor

Vriesia ÂFlammeÂ

Vriesia flammea

Vriesia friburgensis and vars paludosa and tucumanensis

Vriesia gigantea

Vriesia incurvata

Vriesia lubersi

Vriesia ÂLucilleÂ

Vriesia ÂMariaeÂ

Vriesia phillipocoburgii

Vriesia platynema

Vriesia ÂPurple CockatooÂ

Vriesia ÂPurple PendantÂ

Vriesia ÂRexÂ

Vriesia rodigasiana

Vriesia ÂRosa MorenaÂ

Vriesia saundersii

Vriesia scalaris

Vriesia schwackiana

Vriesia ÂSeminole ChiefÂ

Vriesia simplex

Vriesia vagans

Vriesia ÂVelma WurthmannÂ

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stevenwayne(6 sw)

hello im new to broms but i see that u have a ton for trade i have tone of flowers fruits and vegetables if u would like to trade

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This is a list of bromeliads that I am looking for. The only ones I have are the two on my trade list.

Here is a link that might be useful: trade list

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I have lots of aechmea covata that I would be willing to trade for. I also have other broms that are not on your list if you are interested.

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hi there, i have a few good sized plants you are looking for..i am interested in your Heliconia schiedeana, slender lady palm,

i have Dyckia ferox, Aechmea distichantha and A.d.forma albiflora, Bromelia balansae, Vriesia �Seminole Chief� and Aechmea distichantha x planerophlebia .. let me know what ones your interested in and if you have what i am looking for. thanks!

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