Does the Autumn Blaze Maple Produce Pollen

samnsarahAugust 15, 2010

I am asking this question on a professional forum, because I thought that a professional botanist might need to answer it.

I am allergic to Maple, Elm, Cedar, Oak, and Cottonwood tree pollens. I want to plant some trees in my backyard, and I really like the AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ, more commonly known as the Autumn Blaze® Maple tree. I know that it is a male cultivar of the AcerÃfreemanii, so it is seedless. What I really need to know is whether or not it produces pollen. A nursey owner told me that it does not produce any blooms. Is this true, or does it produce blooms and just lacks the stamens in those blooms? Please let me know. My sinuses and I will appreciate any information or advice you can give me.

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treeguy123(AL 7b)

I've read (see link) AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ has female flowers, and is nearly seedless. They might say nearly seedless because the female flowers could have rudimentary pistils (poorly developed and usually not functional) but few that develop right could be pollinated by male maple flowers in the region.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acer×freemanii ʻJeffersred'

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Ooops, I made a slight mistake in my question. If the AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ is a male cultivar and produces blooms, then the blooms should lack the stigma and ovule, not the stamins which are the male parts of the bloom. Anyway, I don't care if the AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ produces seeds. Seeds don't bother me. I just need to make sure that it doesn't produce pollen. I will deffinitely check out that link, treeguy 123. Thanks for your answer.
So, once again, does the AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ (Autumn Blaze Maple) prodcue pollen?

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treeguy123(AL 7b)

If the link is correct, AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ is a female bloom cultivar, it would only have female flowers, meaning it won't produce pollen. Only the Male flowers produce pollen. The female flowers receive pollen to make seeds, and the male flower make the pollen to pollinate the female flowers.

Some maples have perfect flowers meaning they have male and female parts in the same flower, but most maples are either male, female, or have both on the same tree but on separate branches. Since the site only says female, I guess ʻJeffersredʼ it's only a female flower cultivar.

What I was speculating at is the site also says it makes seeds, which is made by female flowers if they are pollinated. So I was speculating that if they have all female flowers and the female flowers might have rudimentary pistils (poorly developed and usually not functional) but few that develop right could be pollinated by male maple trees in the region, thus rarely making a few seeds. But again AcerÃfreemanii Ê»Jeffersredʼ still would not make any pollen because it only would have female flowers (again, if the site is correct).

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Thank you, treeguy123.

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