Begonia ricinfolia that's 38 years old plus -- a record?

denninmi(8a)June 4, 2010

Is this some kind of a record?

I have a Begonia ricinifolia (big, sort of aralia-looking leaves, thick fleshy stems with red scales, thick rhizomes, big stalks of tiny white flowers in winter) that is ancient.

It was my grandmother's. She died in early 1972 and my mother brought it home from her house. It's been with us/me ever since.

It has been repotted numerous times, cut back many, many times, had root pruning and fresh soil.

It has also had many, many progeny, since I always use the trimmings to start more.

Is this some kind of record? I don't know how long my grandmother may have had the plant prior to her death -- she was a real plant nut and had many, many houseplants and large gardens.

Alas, I was only 6 1/2 when she died, so my memory is fuzzy. She had a great lemon tree, a beautiful passion vine, and a lot of others that were lost -- other relatives took them and killed them for the most part.

Does anyone else have any heirlooms of similar age?

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Probably not a record but still a very long time. My first begonia was Lucerna and it is still around after 36 years (knock on wood). There are some oldies out there that are tough as nails.

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dave_in_virginia(z7a VA)

I have an 'Emerald Jewel' that is going on 35. Just as eye-catching as ever, unlike its caregivers!

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