Misting begonias?

mrao77(TX US zone 7)June 13, 2006


I have lost several begonias (especially rex types)to last year's scorching Tx heat and I plan to prevent the catastrope this year! I was wondering if anyone has ideas for retaining humidity and cooling down the sunroom a bit. My plants are housed in a screened porch/sunroom, with windows all around and a roof (non glass)on top. I keep the windows open in summer and plant to use a misting coil on a timer. That usually leaves a lot of water on the ground (carpeted with outdoor carpet). Is this humidity ok for the plants..what about mold issues?

Suggestions please, thanks.


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Humidity is great for the plants but not sure about your carpet, wood, other furnishings, etc.

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Hi Butch,
Is there such a thing as too much humidity for the begonias? I dont really care about the outdoor carpet and dont have any furniture out there. I just want to make sure that the begonias dont devlop mold! My begonias are already begining to wilt and it is not even July yet!! :(
Anyone tried a misting system on a timer? I have it set to mist for about 30 mins 4 times during the day. How does that sound?

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Try it and see. I know some of the pros (and amateurs) use misting systems for rooting cuttings but I think they go for 30 seconds every 15 minutes or so. I think the idea is to keep the humidity high but not keep the soil soaking wet.

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I do know, from experience, that tuberous begonia leaves will develop powdery mildew/mold if they are over-humidified. I'm not sure about the Rex types - I don't grow them.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I remember, when I lived in the PNW and grew tuberous begonias, that mildew was indeed a problem. But if humidity were a problem with rexes we'd sure never be able to grow them here! (Can't grow tuberous--they melt.) But if you don't let them get too wet--or too dry, of course!--rexes will do fine here, so I don't think extra humidity would be a problem. Don't remember ever having mildew on begonias here either, which now I think about it is pretty amazing. Felt like I should be wearing snorkling equipment outside today.

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greenelbows... Louisiana? Yeah, the humidity must be something. I live in a Maritime Province in Canada, and we get the humidity from the Gulf up the eastern seaboard, and its pretty steamy here, too. Makes for some pretty bad hair days, huh? Amazing that your tuberous begonias don't get powdery mildew.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Oh, my tuberous begonias stayed in the Pacific Northwest. Once the local university horticulture department put on display one they were really proud of (I guess) and it was really pathetic. One flower and a straggly plant. Figured if they couldn't do it I wouldn't try--most of their begonias were really gorgeous. I've known people who tried unsuccessfully. But I'm still surprised to say I don't recall ever having mildew on any of my numerous other begonias here. They rot sometimes. They get black spots kinda like the roses, which I attribute to not enough water, sometimes. But no powdery mildew. Now I suppose I'll get it!

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