first begonia

susang84June 7, 2014

I just bought my first begonia last week. Aside from the sunburn it's very pretty. It looks like a nonstop. It has the one large flower with two smaller ones on each side of it. Since it has been moved to a shaded area it's putting up more leaves. I read that these guys can be over wintered. Do I let it go semi dormant and just reduce waterings and feedings or do I let the frost take it and store it in a cool dry area? I live in Iowa so our winters can be pretty brutal at times so leaving it out isn't an option.

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I think you are on top of this. If you remove the side flowers from each 3 blossom flower you will have one larger blosson, it's a common practice with these tuberhybrida. It will not survive an Iowa winter, let it go completely dormant by holding off watering, and you can then dig it and store it.

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Thanks. I have it in a pot right now so that will just make things easier come this fall.

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