Dragon Wing Begonias

kimcocoJune 6, 2009

I took Tom's advice and planted Dragon Wing begonias in my new window boxes, full to mostly full shade. For those who are familiar with the container garden forum, I'm using Al's mix for the medium. The problem is, I purchased the begonias about a month before they were ready to go outside, I kept them in my basement but they got mildewy - poor circulation, beginners mistake. So, I've since treated them with a systemic, and the mildew problem seems to have ceased. I tried removing any leaves that were mildewy, so they don't look very full right now.

I don't know how to care for these begonias, there were no planting/care instructions.

I added a slow release fertilizer to the medium, but I'm curious how often I should be watering them. Do I let them dry out between waterings, or is that only if you are overwintering them indoors?

I didn't want to fertilize them at planting time since I read you should let it adjust first to the transplanting???, but I think I'm also going to use Miracle Grow once they start growing. I can't wait for them to fill in.

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback anyone?


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Even here in the humid southeast, that type of begonia does better with much more sun than you describe. In full shade they tend to be spindly, with pale leaves and stems and very sparse flowering. I would imagine that in your zone they would prefer almost full sun. Definitely let them become nearly dry between waterings; all begonias suffer badly if they're overwatered. If you're set on growing begonias in full to mostly full shade, I'd stick with the rexes or other rhizomatous varities that provide color via foliage.

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Well, they haven't done a thing since I've planted them, so I'm yanking them out. Actually, they look more spindly now, I've treated them twice with a systemic. I'll plant them in sun and see if that helps.

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bubba is correct. DW can take full sun - just keep them watered.

Here are some of mine over the years:

Six in this bed in full sun from morning until evening:

Coir lined basket on hot deck:

On driveway with a Kong coleus - 18 inch containers:

On flagstone:

Same begonia as above:

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