HAVE: Very stunning plants to trade

peanut01(7VA)July 21, 2009

Hi I recently looked at a post regarding Blushing tiger broms. After viewing some of the pictures I decided that I had to get one of these or something similar. I would love to trade some of these Bilbergia Nutans for some bromeliads that I do not have.


and one more......

I can trade about 10 of these. They have been blooming twice a year for me with no special care for the last 3 years. I had the understanding that these are only supposed to bloom once a year though. Once in May and again in the Fall. I grow these as indoor plants here in VA. I take the pots outside in the summer though. They seem to handle any light conditions that I throw at them. The color of the plants are affected depending on the different light. THe blooms are longer lasting and brighter in high indirect light to part shade. I think they may be hardy in Z9 or Z9b, but would recommending someone researching this first.

I also posted this on the Hoya exchange board too since I collect those plants as well. So if you do not have any broms but have some hoyas then I would like to trade with you as well.

Thanks for the consideration.



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wow david wish you would have send me some of those.. i just purchased a new brom. ill send ya a pic, it doesnt have pups but when it does we are going to have to do some more tradin..it has red spots got it at the grocery store. also a striped one..later morma

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mediajammer(22 CA)

Do you know the name of these? I've got a bunch growing here in the L.A. area. I'd be happy to trade for other interesting bromeliads.


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