Begonia Ricinifolia help

slr8June 18, 2008

Hi, I just recently found out what type of houseplant I had and sure enough it is a begonia. I almost didn't believe it because I have never seen a begonia like it. I love it and want to help it a little. My question is how do I transplant this plant so that it is more in the pot and not hanging out so completely. I would like it a little more bushy and fuller. I don't want to kill it, it means a lot to me, so I thought I would ask before I do anything. I am attaching some pictures to show it.

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I thought I would add the pictures of the side view and the three stems coming out of the pot, so that you could better understand the predicament I am in. It looks great from the front, but I need it a little more tolerable from the other sides. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me.

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I would just prune it hard! Ouch...!
Pinch off a couple of the leaves, leaving about half and inch, then push into the soil in the pot, so that the stem end nearest the leaf touches the soil. In about a month, you should have a new plant. You can even cut the stems at the side and place them in the pot as well.
Your leaves look very healthy, but I think they are straining towards the sunlight.
I have lots of different varieties of begonias and all have been started like this and are now huge!

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