Do these have a chance to survive?

papillon1June 29, 2012

I found some tuberous begonias on sale for $1 today at my local Walmart. There were 2/bag & I bought 2. When I got them home they all had sprouts. One had about 3 3" sprouts. They had been packed in wood shavings.

Anyway, since they were already sprouted I planted them into a 12" hanging basket, covering the tubers with about 1-1/2" of damp soil. I put them out on my covered patio where they will not get direct sun.

Today the temps are into the 90's & we have begun a predicted hot spell! Now I know these like cool temps & it being quite late to start these things..Do you think they have a chance to survive?

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I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago,they were half price and started stems; however, I know they won't make plants this year as May and June are just too late in my opinion. However, if they grow well without blooming, my thinking was they will be healthy anyway by the end of summer and maybe I can save them like any other blooming tuber can be saved and stored. It's going to be 90 degrees soon here, I make sure my plants are well watered and only get strong light until about l0 am. I think yours will probably suvive too.

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Thanks woebegonia, I really doubt if I'd get flowers but like you said if they get leaves & winter over I'll have them for next season. I'll only have lost $2 if they don't make it.

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My late buys are looking so good, one is starting to bloom and I think by August they will be doing as well as the ones I started early.

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Just wanted to share my progress. One month later and I am so pleased.

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