HAVE: many orchid species to trade

Bruce_in_ct(6 - CT)August 6, 2005

Here's my end of the summer clearance:

Anacheilium cochleatum - used to be Encyclia cochleata; the cockleshell orchid, large seedlings deflasked last year

Barkeria spectabilis - small plant on small piece of tree fern

Broughtonia sanguinea v. aurea - previously bloomed, on tree fern placque, unusual yellow variety of this species

Cattleya aurantiaca - previously bloomed

Epidendrum longicaule - blooming now, in tree fern pot

Euchile mariae - used to be Encyclia mariaea, near blooming size on tree fern placque

Gongora atropurpurea - near blooming size

Laelia lucasiana - small plant mounted on small piece of tree fern

Mastigion putidum - used to be Bulbophyllum or Cirrhopetalum fascinator, division of small plant

Ornithophora radicans - previously bloomed

Paphiopedilum insigne - near blooming size

Scaphyglottis graminifolia - used to be Cladobium violaceum, previously bloomed

I'm interested in Bromeliads, orchids, Nepenthes, and probably other things I haven't thought of. But species only.

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Want to trade a chocolate tree seedling for a Paph?

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cryingt(6/7 Missouri)

I don't have orchids or bromeliads, but I do have some tropical plants that you may find of interest if your into the 'tropical' look. I also have the 'voodoo' plant (aka plant of the dead, corpse flower). Please take a peek at my trade list.
I am looking to try my hand at any orchid and/or bromeliad that will do well on a tree limb with my Staghorn fern

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I have piles of Bromeliads for trade Aechmea, Billbergia Neoregelia if you are interested.

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