WANTED: Swap 2" Echinopsis Cactus or Fan Aloe for Tillandsia

LatinLady(6 New York City)August 13, 2013


I am really interested in obtaining Tillandsia air plants - Those little Bromeliads that need no soil and grow attached by the root to any host. I do not like the mossy or grassy looking ones. I like the bulbous, thick leaved ones that look interesting and have rich color.

If you have any, please let me see.

For swap, I can offer you one or more of these small plants:
- Fully rooted 2"-8" Fan shaped ornamental Aloe - Shipped bare root/No soil. Likes shaded morning sun. Have 17 for trade.

- Fully rooted approx 2" Echinopsis Barrel Cactus - Shipped bare root/No soil. Likes full afternoon sun - Spines turn reddish brown. Mature plant throws off lots of pups. Have over forty-three 2" plants + thirty-two smaller rooted pups.

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