HAVE: Daylily Seeds

bambi_too(5 Ohio)October 5, 2006

Hi Folks,

I hybridize Daylilys, and have plenty of spare seed. I also have a few bromeliads, and would like a few more. I'm interested in trading seed for either plants, or bromeilad seeds. I like the smaller Nerogelias, and Bilbergias, and Cryptpanthus.

Now a word about Daylily seeds, its nearly inpossible to predict what will come out of a cross. I have quite a selection as far as color and form go, if you would like something that is round and purple or orange and spidery I can probably find something that will probably produce what you are looking for. I have stuff with edges, eyes, etc. In the south you can usually bloom seedlings in 9 to 12 months, up here in Ohio it usually takes 2 years. They are easy to start, and grow, with very few pests or diseases

Many Daylily seeds sell anywhere from 50 cents and up for each one, and I would be very generous.

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