WANTED: Wanted Dyckia or hechtia. I have..

foxwichya(7b)October 1, 2006

Looking for any Dyckia or Hechtia. I would like D. toothy if anyone has one. I have one Hechtia was called montana or oklahoma. I think it was the montana. In shade its green and in full sun it turns oarnge with some red or oarnge-red. I also have plenty Dyckia leptostachy. In shade its purpleish and in sun its deep burgundy. I also have around 50 different sansevieria. Just tell me the ones u like and i will see if i have them. I also have a two types of Pedilanthus aka devils backbone and a small collection of Kalanchoe,Bryophyllum even the 10 foot giant called K.prolifera. Just send me an email if interested. Thanks.

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Also have a Dyckia elegans to trade?

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