HAVE: Catopsis morreniana - looking to trade for other catopsis

jcreefNovember 12, 2008

Hey Gardenweb members!

I have a Catopsis morreniana that I would like to trade for any other Catopsis species. I am fascinated with this genus even with their "ugly" inflorescece. ;)

Catopsis morreniana is uncommon in cultivation. It forms nice rossets with some scurf at the base of the leaves. The plants stay small and grow wonderfully epiphytically or potted in an airy epiphyte mix.

If you have any other Catopsis species and would like to trade please email me at Jcreef@bellsouth.net

Warmest Regards and Happy Growing,


Miami, Florida

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Catopsis is my favorite genus. I have recently started collecting them and so far have 9 different species. I only have one of each type(so I don't have any to trade), but birdrocktropicals has C. hahnii and C. nutans right now. Also I got a C. subulata from tropiflora(it's not on their list, email them about it). Good luck.

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