Is there a visible difference between different ECOTYPES?

njbiologyAugust 29, 2008


Is there a visible difference between different ECOTYPES?

In a native seed commercial catalogue, I see that certain species of the same plant (for instance, wild side-oats gramma) is listed separately according to its ecotype/origin. i.e. PA, Niagrafall NY, and another location that I forgot.

Would there be a noticeable difference between the same plant of different ecotypes. Does a cardinal flower, for instance, from PA look the same as one from MN or OH?



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Ecotype can be defined as a physiologically induced variation initiated by long term occupation within a definable ecological community but one that is not genetically distinct from other members of the species that occur in other ecological communities. Such variations may not be significant enough to warrant taxonomic recognition. Among these variations may be the amount of pubescence on the stems, internode spacing, and even the amount of occurrence of stomates. Whatever the variation is it can be related to some significant environmental stress in the habitat.

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