Hot West facing patio in Phx - what won't die?!

overcaffeinatedNovember 10, 2010

So I have a silly goal of turning my suburban backyard into my personal farm :) So I have lots of citrus trees and lots of container plants. However, because my terracotta pots dry out so quickly in AZ sun/heat, I am considering doing an above ground garden in what little space I have.

It's the size of a semi circle--maybe 8 x 2 or 8x 3 at it's largest point. Problem is, I have stucco walls like all houses in Phoenix and in the afternoon it's just plain HOT! You can feel the difference in temps just standing near it.

What edible plants (fruits, veggies, and herbs) would thrive in this environment. I'm not a big flower growing girl... but, if the space proved useless for edible plants, I'd consider it for aesthetics.

Thanks! I can post a pic of the area if's just dark now :)

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

I have Flame and Thompson Seedless grapes planted on Western walls with supports to grow on and they just came through their first summer just fine.
The small natal plums produce a fruit and they can take the heat. I also have some of them planted with a Western exposure.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

The trouble I find with a west facing wall in Phoenix is that in winter it's shaded while in summer it's blazing hot. I have planted a 'spiny plants' garden along my house's west facing wall - mostly agave but some others as well. The cacti are dormant in winter so they do well. Not everyone is willing to walk on the spiny side though.

Good luck, keep us posted on what you decide.

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Bamboo, pomegranite, peach , apple. By the way, trees dont have to e planted in the ground. Ive got over 100 in pots

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The pomegranate will definitely take the heat. I have grapes but I would not put them on the west side. Okra can take the heat as well. very productive and beautiful. I mix 2 varieties (green and burgundy) and I like the effect. Corn could probably take the heat. All citruses should be ok if they get enough water. Fig trees would also do well and provide very nice greenery and fruit. There are many varieties that can be grown in a pot. I would grow everything in the ground. I hate pots here... they dry out too fast and they're too much work.

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