Studying Hippeastrum In Habitat, Traveling To S. America

joshy46013September 28, 2010

Hi Guys,

I'm traveling to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil next summer to see and study Hippeastrum in their natvie habitat. I want to learn as much as I can about their natural growing requirements. Hopefully I'll be able to collect seed of Hippeastrum and other Amaryllids.

I was wondering if anyone else had the opportunity to do this and if they had any advice. I'm brusing up on my spanish and I'm physically training as well.

Thanks guys!


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hey Josh, Wow, what a trip....something I have dreamt of doing for quite some time, but with 1 in college and 2 more to go not likely in my lifetime!! I'd love to go to that part of the world and see my favorite aroid in habitat.....good ol' Dracontium :o) Dan

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Josh, I wish I were going with you! Maybe someone else on the forum can help. Take lots of pictures and share them with us please :)

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I've been communicating with a lot of different people who travel and collect from these places. A lot of the rare species you can only find if you go look yourself! I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a lot of the rarer species from friends who like to travel. I'm excited at trying my hand at it :) My dream would be to move to S. America and study and learn for a few years and try my hand at cultivating all of the wonderful beautiful species!

I will of course take tons of pictures and I will post them on the forum as I'm down there :)

Dan, I'm lucky that I'm only 22! I'm sure I wouldn't have this opportunity again like I do now.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Gosh need to make time to travel in your lifetime!! You're just starting out at only gets better with more exciting adventures as the years go by! My next trip is to Iceland ( species there!), and then to parts of Europe I haven't seen yet (Austria and the Alps). Who knows...maybe I'll see Hippi Pals in Germany and beyond. Don't think that you will NOT be able to do more when you are older, EXPECT TO DO MORE AND YOU WILL!!!
(who is old enough to technically be your grandmother...and not slowing down)...I've been to all 50 US states and nearly all of the continents in the world. Working on the last ones!!

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You're very inspiring :) Traveling has always been a passion of mine and I really need to take advantage of that, I've got so much to learn and plenty of time to do it!

Iceland sounds like quite an adventure, the pictures I've seen are absolutely beautiful :) Take pictures!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

OMG...rotflm*o...when I went to Lisse (The Netherlands) in March this year, I took over 700 photos at the Amaryllis show. I think I might manage to take a few photos Josh!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

22......what the heck, when I was 22 I was a year out of college making zippo-squatto as a technician and could hardly afford to pay room/board no less travel.....congrats to you!! I have been lucky enough to be invited to speak on my research at several Universities in different countries/continents but now I spend my money sending my daughter to college for a semester in OZ.....I'm sure she will bring back some awesome pics, although they are not bulb rich in terms of natives (I never consider non-natives when visiting)......when the kids get out of college though I look forward to seeing Central/South America in terms of plants.....South Africa, equatorial Africa and Madagascar.....those would be my hot spots :o) Dan

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I'm almost finished with school, I go part time so I can work two jobs. I've been growing Hippeastrum for 12 years :) I remember every year making my mom buy me a million boxed up Hippeastrum for my birthday *which is Nov. 11th* I would always spend my allowance on plants, I was and I still am hooked :)

I've decided that I want to make sure I make the opportunity to do these things, I hate myself for not going to school for my passion. I love helping people and that is why I chose nursing but my real love is botany. I'm so envious of all the ones who were brave enough to major in that field. I guess it isn't too late but I don't want to spend all my life in school!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to travel and see these plants, my future children may never have that opportunity if they wanted to because of deforestation. I'm hoping that I can collect a lot of the rarer species so I can make sure they're around for the future to enjoy!


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Usually I just read and dont post but I have to post this time. I just wanted to point out that we have a lot in common. Im almost 19 (young like you), Im going to school for nursing and I love nature and the outdoors as well.

I hope you have fun in South America and sneak back some seeds for us to circulate. ;)
And try not to get hussled by the locals!
Have Fun

- Karanbir

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I've heard about the natives hustling people that aren't from the area, I'm trying to work on my Spanish and Dr. Meerow has given me a few names of people who can help me! We will see :)

We do have quite a bit in common, that's pretty crazy :) I've noticed that most that are so interested in plants aren't the "dumb" ones either, most of us are highly intelligent in some form or another.

You best believe I'll bring back seed! I have a friend and he knows a few people down their and they're going to help me export plants here. They know the proper procedures and protocol, last thing I'd want to go to jail for was smuggling bulbs into the country! :)


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dancacti(Melbourne, Aust zn10)

I'm actually heading to South America in December this year!

Doing the usual Inca trail and heading to the Amazon, and then having a friend from Argentina (also very much into Hipps) show me around and hopefully will find some species Hipps! Will be awesome to see. Once I've seen it all I'm hoping to go back and be a bit more serious about going on Hipp expeditions! Unfortunately Australia's import laws are a lot more strict than the US, but there are a few ways to get around this that I'm exploring.


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You should post pictures :)

Australia I guess have commercials about importing plants that play in EU? A friend from Sweden just told me how they play it quite a bit.

Does the friend from Argentina look often? GOSH I would LOVE to live there!


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Good on ya Josh.
Herb Kelly may be another good POC for Amaryllid connections in SA. I'll be visiting the Botanical Gardens in Puerta Villarta next week. It'll be fun to see what they have, in general. It's run by an ex-pat.
Patrick (30 countries and counting)

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

Your trip sounds great. I never worried too much about what I majored in at college because I had the example of my mother, who majored in political science, minored in economics, and ended up with a career as a public school music teacher. Who knows what will happen in your future.

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whoops I spelled hustle incorrectly hehe

Even though the chances of you getting caught with bulbs in your bag are slim its smart to take chances.

You should try to travel with a friend that will be available around then so you dont get lonely.

- KB

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What a Trip!
If you have information on where to look you should be able to find very interesting Hippeastrums and other Amarilliaceaes.
Iôve recently been at Misiones, North Argentina, and Its Beautiful. If you came near you should not loose the Iguazu falls moon walk. Itôs incredible, and there you can see some species. (H. Iguazuanum, H. Petiolatum, H. Angustifolium, H. Teyucuarensis).
I think its dangerer to be alone in big cities, more than in isolated villages, people from the country are usually kind.
Good luck!

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