Anyone in Philadelphia, PA want a Silver Jewel begonia?

alenka(6)June 4, 2007

I have 2 small starts of Silver Jewel begonia. They are in 3 oz plastic cups, quite small, but growing fast. I would like to give them away. I live in center city Philadelphia (PA), and I am wondering if there's anyone in the area who'd like to meet and take them off my hands. I started them when I just bought my plant, thinking I'd give them to friends, but I quickly realized that this plant has high humidity requirements, so it would be too much trouble for my friends who are not really plant geeks. It is a very beautiful plant, but when I got it, it started losing leaves until I put it under plastic cover for increased humidity (it hasn't lost a leaf since then, and it's been about half a year). That was back in late fall, and in the winter the humidity here is quite low, so maybe it would do OK without a cover in the summer when it's more humid, I don't know (I'm just keeping it under cover, since it's doing well). But it definitely needs special arrangements for humidity during late fall/winter, so please realize that if you want one or both of the little plants. The baby plants are now living in ziploc bags, though not closed.

Anyway, that was quite a long post. If you'd like to have one or both of the little plants (they could be just potted together to get you a fuller plant sooner), and you are in Philadelphia, center city area, leave an e-mail where I could reach you.


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bumping down

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Hi, unfortunately I don't live in PA. I'm in Houston, TX. I love begonias, would you consider mailing them to me? I'll pay for postage. Email me if interested thanks!

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shonoo(6B, PA)

I live in the Phoenixville/ King of Prussia/ Audubon area. If these plants are still available, I am interested.
Please email me


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I do still have the plants (I'd left a message for erin007, but I think messages on this website don't go through?). But I don't want to ship them, and I don't want to drive to drop them off. And they probably aren't really worth the gas for a special drive for you. When I posted this, I was thinking that maybe someone would take it for whom it's a couple stops by subway. But if you are ever in center city area (or university city) anyway, not just for this, let me know, you can have the plants. Your profile doesn't list your e-mail though, and for some reason I don't see a link "send me an e-mail" there either (but I think these links don't work anyway?). So if you do want them, let me know what your e-mail is. But yeah, either way, don't make a special trip -- if you want to drive somewhere to pick up a begonia, Meadowbrook farm near Philly has a good selection ( -- they have many varieties, all just $7, I bought mine there, and this way you would pick exactly what you want, not just my leftover plant :)

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Carrie B(6B/7A)

I'm pretty close to you, just south of center city. Email me through this site and I'd love to have a start. I have b. grandis (if you've got outdoor space), and b. sophie cecil (or sophie irene, not sure) that you could have a piece of.

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carrieb, I just e-mailed you, I hope it went through.

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Carrie B(6B/7A)


I didn't get your email. I emailed you through this site.


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I didn't get you e-mail either; I tried e-mailing myself through the site and the e-mail didn't go through as well.
I just opened a dummy account, -- e-mail me there, and I'll reply from my normal e-mail.

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Carrie B(6B/7A)

I just sent you an email to the email address you posted above. Thanks. I wonder why my GW email isn't working. grrr.


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