Summer Light vs Spring Light

ume_niwaSeptember 12, 2010

Hi! I've been researching the specifics of light and plant response. I understand the gist of red light and blue light but does anyone know if there is more blue light in the spring and more red in the summer? I read that on a website that I didn't bookmark and am unsure of the reliability of the information and can't seem to find any other places that cite the same info. Any insights would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


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lycopus(z5 NY)

Considering that shorter wavelengths scatter to a greater extent in the atmosphere, I would expect there to be a greater proportion of blue light from a clear spring sky than a summer sky due to the lower angle of the sun in the spring. However, there might still be more blue light overall in the summer simply because the light intensity is greater. I would also expect that slope position, relation to nearby objects, and cloud cover would influence the relative intensity of various wavelengths coming from the sky at any given time.

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