Need to prune neglected citrus in new house. When? How?

overcaffeinatedNovember 10, 2010

Just bought new house w/some sort of large lemon tree (Lisbon?), mystery tree (nursery said Bearss lime, but not convinced), and a Mexican Lime tree.

They must be about 4-5 years old (house is only 4 years old) and don't seem to have been pruned or maintained. (House was a short sale.) One BIG sucker on the mystery tree. I've heard this is important to remove.

Should I attempt this myself? When? I don't like how tall the trees have become and they are VERY thick and thorny.

And, in all honesty, if anyone can recommend a good arborist to initially help me get this under control, then I'd be willing if the price is reasonable and I can take it from there.

I just need as cheap as possible w/o killing the trees OR good advice how I can start on this myself.

Thanks so much!

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Get some good lopping shears, good gloves, and take the sucker out at ground level. Also clip out any broken or dead branches.

The rest can wait until spring. You can read up on how to prune citrus this winter.

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yeah I'd get rid of the sucker, that can go anytime. everything else can wait until spring. Pruning tends to stimulate fresh growth and you don't want nice baby branches right before the cold comes. halfway through Feb I'd say might be a good time to give it a good pruning

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You can search for local arborists or tree care professionals at the link below. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and select your city or county. Any certifications that the individuals hold will be listed like certified arborist, certified tree care worker, consulitng arborist, etc.

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Find a Tree Professional

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