frangipaniaz(z9 Az)November 29, 2005

Here's a stupide question from a desperate person... If I take special care of a hydrangea, with it being a more of an indoor plant in the summer, is it possible...has anyone ever tried and failed... I'd be really interested to know anyone's experiences with this plant... I love it, one of my favorites, but I wanted to know if it were possible... Let me know...


P.S. Perhaps a Pee Gee variety that is hardy to zone 9, with special treatment... ???

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Brittany, This is my 2 year old Hydrangea. It started out a BEAUTIFUL deep blue. Because of the alkaline soil it comes back pink. This Hydrangea is in complete shade in a micro climate that stays moist. I haven't babied it or done anything special, I'm sure if I did it would be much larger with more blooms.

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Brittany, I have attempted growing a couple of hydrangeas also zone 9's (outside) with no luck. I think the trick is having sufficient humidity so the leaves can stay hydrated. A hydrated Hydrangea, so to speak. I don't have a place where they can receive much extra humidity. Knowing GT hers probably resides on a tropical island in the middle of one of her ponds, lakes or rivers. If you havenÂt seen her handiwork have her sent you a picture, itÂs pretty amazing. Good luck and take care, Bill.

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'Peegee'...which is a cultivar of Hydrangea paniculata...is actually one of the most cold hardy hydrangeas. It tolerates -40F...but where it is regularly grown-it is not held in high regard. It is course in habit with little to offer except showy blooms. I know the pictures always look beautiful..but most paniculatas are not worth one's time. I think the best Hydrangeas for you to try would be either Hydrangea quercifolia or Hydrangea macrophylla(Garden trolip is growing this one). H.quercifolia is gorgeous(blooms and foliage) and actually native to the deep south(thus tolerating extreme heat). The H. macrophylla types(as Garden trolip has found out) are really adaptable. Look for some of the cultivars that repeat bloom..like 'Endless Summer' 'Dooley' etc.

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Thank you... this atleast gives me a little sense of hope :) I've seen tons of pics of GTs yard, and it makes me jealous... her yard is gorgeous... what kind of microclimate do you have set up GT?? I want to know what it is so I can perhaps duplicate it... it's worth a shot right... then I won't be wondering anymore... any other advice would be most helpful... I always liked the pictures of the Pee Gee...why aren't they worth one's time?? Just curious :)

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Peegee has dull, unexciting foliage, spindly brown stems, little shade tolerance(I admit a longer AZ growing season + other climatological factors might impact this) and it seems best suited towards colder climates....it probably needs a much "better" chilling than it would receive in AZ. The blooms also look a bit contrived and unnatural. You have so many brilliant plants that can do so well in Arizona..Magnolia grandiflora,Crinum, Buddleia, bougainvillea, Cordia, palms, cycads, subtropicals on and on... Peegee is really a waste of water and your gardening space:)

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