Good White Rose in the Phoenix Heat?

rambovaNovember 16, 2010

I'm replanting my yard and would like to plant a grouping of white roses along the front porch (faces east). I'm considering Moondance, Iceberg or possibly an Austin like Glamis Castle or Winchester Cathedral. Does anyone have any experience growing these roses? Any suggestions on other white roses that do well in the heat?

Thank you!

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

I have Glamis Castle and so far, I have not been that thrilled with it. It could be the spot that it's in.

Some white roses that I have and like are Winchester Cathedral, Bolero, Pope John Paul and Pure Perfume. Out of these 4, Winchester Cathedral is my least favorite. Mainly because while it does have a fragrance, it doesn't have as strong of a scent as I like. The other 3 all have strong fragrances.
While they are listed sometimes as white blends, mine are all very white except occasionally the Bolero will have a tinge of pink to a flower.
If you like strong fragrances, lots of blooms and big, full blooms on healthy plants, you can't go wrong with any of these 3.
There is a site where you can search and learn all about thousands of roses and see lots of photos too.
If you check at Baker Nursery in late December to early January, they will have around 6000 roses with lots of different varieties to choose from. You can go to their web site and they will usually list what they will have for sale.

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There are several white/whitish roses that do 'well' up to a certain temperature in the low desert. One of the best is Iceberg; fragrant, not prone to pest or disease. Moondance has received favorable reviews from local rosarians throughout the Valley. The own-root shrub, Pillow Fight, is a descendent of the mini Popcorn, and is considered a near-constant bloomer. One year, I cut off over 85 blooms from one bush at pruning time. Best white floribunda, IMO, is Fabulous. Can take a lot of heat, blooms have great substance and fragrance, bush seems impervious to pest or disease, including thrips which favor light-colored roses. J&P released it a few years ago then pulled it from market then reintroduced it again. With the rumor that J&P will be filing Chapter 7, may be tough to get from any source.

White hybrid teas; Pope John Paul II, Honor, JFK, Whisper, etc receive less accolades from those of us with no-spray gardens. During the spring bloom cycle, thrips can destroy every bloom.

Of the David Austins, I have Fair Bianca. Heat isn't a friend to the fair lady but maybe if she was shaded from the afternoon sun. Some of the David Austins with Mary Rose in their parentage may present a cane or more of Mary Rose within their second year. Interesting habit.

The noisette, Madame Alfred Carriere, shrubs Sally Holmes (often more pink than white) and Sombrueil (aka Colonial White) also do wonderfully in this area. All are considered climbers and MAC and Sally Holmes can claim a substantial portion of the garden. These do best without regular pruning.

Locally, Bakers, Berridges, A&P, Harpers and Summer Winds tend to carry quality grade #1 roses. Big box stores may receive grade #1 roses but that's the extent of their interaction with the rose... receipt of it. The nurseries trim the roots, water them (bare roots have gone without water for about 2 mths) and pot them or at least cover their roots in west sawdust.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

I actually have a no-spray garden too and I haven't had any problems with Pope John Paul II but I did with JFK.

Pillow Fight is another good one that I had forgotten about. Mine is a blooming machine and has no problems.

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All the roses I have seen in the summer looked stressed.

My dad's practice was to prune them in early fall. They promptly put out new leaves and bloomed heavily all spring and into the summer. Mid to late summer blooms were tiny, pitiful things.

Frosts don't set roses back much, if at all.

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Fair Bianca
Ducher (tea/china)

All roses look better here if they have some afternoon shade.

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