begonia mallet

lottis56(sweden)July 17, 2011

Is there no one on this forum who can share the Cultivation of Mallet type.I be very grateful to know what temperature they thrive in, as well as a terrarium, growing medium, so everything worth knowing.

Thanks in advance.Sophie

oh can anyhelp me to trade or sell a cutting of u093 and U062,Mine died and now I have look overall but not find this so please can any help me..


Thanks intend if I could get a reply nobody would become fonder than myself. Thanks�sophie

Sorry my english..

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I am quoting from the Thompson book on Begonias: "Begonias in this group require generally the same culture as most other cane-like types, although they seem to need less sunlight and more humidity than others. Midday sun should be avoided. Place them where humidity is at least 50%." I would say average temperature and average potting soil would meet their requirements. I have always found the Mallet types a little difficult to grow, and I do not know where you can find B. U062 or B. U093. I hope this helps.

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Big thanks for the tips.Hope also at some can help me to know where I can buy U062 and U093?I have tried so many places there they have begonias but no have then please hope on this forum at any have ideas to find then,,,thanks,,sophie

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Thanks for the answer..

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