JLangleySeptember 23, 2013

Hello my name is josh. I'm 35 and I live in Dodge center Minnesota. I'm planning on starting school at a local community college for a associates degree in horticulture. My question is, is that a good start or would it complement schooling for botany at a later date? Also what are your opinions on online schooling for botany. I'm limited on money. So its either schooling close to where I live for horticulture. Or online schooling. Thank you for any help or advice. If this isn't the correct forum could a moderator please move it to the proper form.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

What are you going to do with the results? If you want to be an employee or an employer the personal contacts at the community college might be invaluable.

If this schooling is for your own edification then the online courses might be as good or better, if, a big if, you have a good background in basic sciences like chemistry, math and general science.

Microbiology is one of my most useful and rewarding background classes and I would not want to attempt that anywhere except in the classroom with a laboratory.

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Thank you for your reply. I guess going to my local community college is probably the best option. I am doing it both to better myself and because I would like to do something with plants/trees/nature as a career. If you or any others have any further advice I am all ears.

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I just joined. I struggled with this as well. I also live in MN, disabled, poor and want to someday work again!!! I have a BS in chem and wanted an advanced degree w/ plants... I'll be starting my second semester online (1/2014) at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign. I'm in the online Master's for Crop Science.I'm wanting to "specialize" inplant breeding. I'm not sure what level you are looking for but I can promise you a real online eduation. Classes meet once a week for a min. of 2 hours. And at the graduate level, they are work. I know to get accepted I had to have a 3.5 in my major Jr/Sr year as an undergrad and everyday of plant physiology I am really glad I was a chem major!!! (and 12 years as an industrial chemist) to cut it short- highly recommend. I'm staying. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Online courses in Crop Science

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