Second Cane ID, please.

tamaravnJuly 9, 2013

This is another begonia, not as in my first post:

My friend has this begonia.

Does anyone know the name of these begonias?

Leaves are not thick. Leaves thickness is like Begonia argenteo-guttata has.

Please help me and my friend!

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Another photo:

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Can anybody help?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

There are so many, thousands. When you get some flowers, that could help. I gave up trying to name my Begonias. Knowing that this is a cane type (a very pretty one!) should help you care for it. From there it's just a matter of finding the sweet spot of light that makes it bloom. Is it living inside or outside?

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gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)

While it could be several, it resembles, very closely, 'Snowcapped'. If you Google Begonia 'Snowcapped' you will see the resemblance.

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This begonia is growing in the house (inside). We can place them outside only in the warmer months.

I know that there are many hybrid begonias. But I was hoping someone could help me accurately to call a hybrid. Unfortunately, in the Internet, a lot of photos of begonias are signed not correctly.

Has Begonia 'Snowcapped' thin, delicate leaves ? Leaves of this begonia are thinner than, for example, leaves of Begonia 'Corallina de Lucerna'.

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